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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BOOK it.

Sophie Kinsella's REMEMBER ME?

I have been reading Sophie for a few months now. I started with her book THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS, and I must say the girl can make me laugh, smile, and nervous all at the same time. Wow! Ain't that scary? lol. I know! but it's just sooo good you won't stop til you had run out of pages. So the next time you had the chance to drop by a bookstore, you know you better get one.


  1. oooh, love love love Sophie's books. She's so talented! Have you read the shopoholic series? Pretty good too.Love your blog btw, I'm following =). Check out mine and follow me back if you want!

  2. Hiyee sweetie. I know. Her stories are different and unique, I love reading them. I haven't had the chance to read the shopaholic series yet, but given the chanceI would love to. Thanks for the info. And for following me. I'm following you too. See ya around sweetie.