...And Blogging....

APRIL who?

I dont leave my apartment without:
.digital camera coz I love taking pictures ALL THE TIME!
.lipgloss, powder, blusher
.pouch, huge bag or small ones sometimes
I'm super game for OUT OF TOWN TRIPS
I enjoy time with NATURE
I’m a Tv Buff
Independent gal
I COOK sometimes, like the very usual dishes
Love my Rocker/Nurse
I want to have a professional camera soon
I have this weird admiration for cherry blossoms
I can be SHY sometimes :D
I love my notebook computer
I love to SING alot, that's one of the things I enjoy doing.. well I hope the people hearing me feels the same way hahahah!
I love being around with people who likes to LAUGH and have FUN
I love Wendy's iced tea and bacon mushroom melt.. who doesnt?
GOSSIP GIRL is what’s making me crazy these days…
I love BAGS like huge kinds of it!
I adore FIREWORKS DISPLAY! aren't they relaxing to watch?